Artist Rik Nelson's Portfolio of
Fantastic Fish Fabricated from Post-Consumer Recyclables

Tin Can Lid Fish

Two kinds of Tin Can Lid Fish are available: Chinook Salmon and Bulltrout.

How Big Do They Run?

The Chinook Salmon are 13”h. x 33”w. The Bulltrout are 7”h x 22” w. The color of can lids, and/or imagery on the can lids, is variable.

By Commission

Tin Can Lid Fish are created on a commission basis. If you’re interested, get the process started at Contact Rik. Please tell me what you have in mind, or if you’d like to brainstorm, or if you’d prefer me to design the fish for you.

The Tin Can Lid Chinook Salmon base price is $175.00; the Tin Can Lid Bulltrout base price is $135.00. Prices may be adjusted depending on client requirements.

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