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Fantastic Fish Fabricated from Post-Consumer Recyclables

Roosters Rampant

A popular folk art icon, roosters are wonderfully bold and colorful. They've got "attitude" upfront, backed up by a beautiful bouquet of tail-feather plumage. They take their lead from the lions rampant on medieval coats-of-arms.

Rooster Rampant Construction
Roosters Rampant are 14"h. x 13"w. and are constructed on a sturdy plywood base. Commercial-grade tin and aluminum, plus bottle caps and a small amount of plastic, are fabricated onto the plywood base to create the rooster image.

To Order Your Rooster Rampant
If you'd like to purchase a Rooster Rampant, please note its identification number and click here or go to Reel 'Em In on the Home Page to place your order.*

Custom Orders
Don't see what you want? Feel free to contact me at Contact Rik for a Rooster Rampant customized specifically to your taste.

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