Artist Rik Nelson's Portfolio of
Fantastic Fish Fabricated from Post-Consumer Recyclables

License Plate Fish

You don’t need a fishing license to catch one of these babies. If you’ve saved an old license plate out in the garage because it was on your first vehicle, or because you’ve moved and it’s from your home state, or because it’s a vanity plate you just can’t give up, it can now become an artwork and conversation piece for you to continue to enjoy.

How Big Do They Run?
License Plate fish come in two forms—Rainbow Trout (6"h. x 16"w.) and Bulltrout (9"h. x 22"w.). The form chosen depends on how much text/imagery needs to be incorporated from the license plate chosen.

By Commission
License Plate Fish are created on a commission basis. If you’re interested, get the process started at Contact Rik. Please tell me what you have in mind, or if you’d like to brainstorm, or if you’d prefer me to design the fish for you.

The License Plate Rainbow Trout base price is $125.00. The License Plate Bulltrout base price is $150.00. Prices may be adjusted based on client requirements.

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