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Fantastic Fish Fabricated from Post-Consumer Recyclables

Largemouth Bass

Welcome! All the fish displayed here are handmade from post-consumer recyclables—bottle caps, popcorn, cookie and candy tins, aluminum soda, beer and fruit juice cans, and plastic (from shampoo bottle, motor oil containers, yogurt cups, etc.). Even most of the plywood on which these materials are mounted is recycled from The Habitat Store.

How Big Do They Run?
The Largemouth Bass are configured after trophy bass, big lunkers. The bottle cap Largemouth Bass shown on this page are 9"h. x 19"w. They use 90 bottle caps, are mounted on second-use plywood from the Habitat Store, with head, tail and fins fabricated from post-consumer tin and aluminum.

By Commission
Largemouth Bass are created on a commission basis. If you're interested, get the process started at Contact Rik. Please tell me what you have in mind, or if you'd like to brainstorm, or if you'd prefer me to design the fish for you.

The Largemouth Bass base price is $175.00 and may be adjusted depending on client requirements.

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* I “restock the pond” daily, but all orders are on a first-come first-serve basis.

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